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The Annual Genera Meeting of Shareholders of PEFINDO

The Annual Genera Meeting of Shareholders of PEFINDO

21 Jun 2016

On Wednesday, June 8th 2016, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) (the "AGMS") has been held at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta.

The AGMS has approved appointed Mr. Bambang Indiarto and Mr. Adrian Rusmana as new member of Board of Commissioner for period 2016-2020.

And the AGMS has approved and set back the entire of Board of Director since closing of AGMS 2016 until the closing of AGMS that will be held on 2020.

With that, the composition of PEFINDO's Board of Commissioner and Board of Directors is as follow:
President Commissioner     :  Sjamsul Arifin
Commissioner                   :  Bambang Indiarto
Commissioner                   :  Adrian Rusmana

President Director               :  Atep Salyadi Dariah Saputra
Director                             :  Vonny Widjaja
Director                             :  Yohanes Arts Abimanyu