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Economic Research Services

In order to provide information to stakeholders, the Economic Research Division is here to meet information needs regarding the latest developments in macroeconomic conditions, industry analysis, and ranking results supplemented with statistical data.

Apart from rating companies and certain debt securities, PEFINDO also provides services for various paid and non-paid publication products managed by the Economic Research Division.

The Economic Research Division has published two paid magazines, namely Indonesia Rating Highlight (IRH) and Indonesia Sectoral Review (ISR). The publication of this magazine is intended to meet the needs of investors in obtaining information on global and domestic micro and macroeconomic conditions. Both of these magazines offer risk analysis relating to specific industry sectors. In addition, the Economic Research Division also provides information services with other publication products such as weekly economic updates, newsletters, stock beta, default studies, and research on demand services.

Economic Research Services
Weekly Economic Update

The Weekly Economic Update (WEU) contains information on global and domestic macroeconomic developments, commodity market developments, stock markets, exchange rates and developments on the government and corporate bond markets over the past week. due in the coming months as well as analysis related to news sentiment from each economic sector is also presented to complement the information for readers who are interested in updating the information.

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A monthly newsletter which provides information related to reviews and analysis of recent macroeconomic events, sector analysis and bond market analysis. The newsletter is also equipped with information on company activities and developments in the rating of the company and debt instruments rated by PEFINDO.

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The Indonesia Sectoral Review (ISR) is published every two months. This paid magazine is here to meet the needs of investors and issuers in updating the latest developments in macroeconomic conditions and bond markets, reviews selected sectors, and we also provide rating rationale, rating methodology, rating definitions, and a glossary of ratios definitions for companies in the industry.

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Indonesia Rating Highlight (IRH) is published twice a year. This paid report is a collection of statistics and reviews on rating results conducted by PEFINDO which contains rating definitions, rating statistics, rating rationale, and glossary of ratios definitions of every industry and company that is still active and is rated by PEFINDO.

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Default Study

The Default Study provides information regarding developments in the default rates of issuing companies and debt instruments rated by PEFINDO. Contains statistics and a comprehensive review of the default rate throughout the year. The report is accompanied by a transition matrix which measures the probability of a change in rating on debt securities and companies within one year and the cumulative average default rate which measures the default rate of instruments and companies in a certain time horizon.

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