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Rating Service

PEFINDO provides rating services for companies, local governments, project finance, and financial instruments. Financial instruments that can be rated by PEFINDO are:

  1. Debt Securities and Sukuk such as Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Medium-Term Notes (MTN), and Long-Term Notes (LTN),

  2. Structured Financing such as Asset-Backed Securities - Collective Investment Contracts (KIK-EBA) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

PEFINDO publishes rating results in the form of opinions regarding:

  1. the general creditworthiness of an obligor,

  2. the creditworthiness of an obligor with respect to the instruments it issues, or

  3. other financial obligations.

In conducting a company rating process, PEFINDO assesses the company's ability and willingness to fulfill all its financial obligations. A company's rating cannot be used as a rating for a financial instrument issued by that company. If a rated company issues a financial instrument, the instrument must be rated separately.

An instrument rating is the result of:

  1. assessments of the obligor's financial ability and willingness to fulfill the obligations of the instrument,

  2. assessments of a particular set of financial liabilities, or

  3. assessments of financial programs.

Instrument ratings also consider the ability of the guarantor, the insurance provider, or other credit enhancement provider who supports the instrument. The opinion provided by PEFINDO reflects the ability and willingness of the obligor to fulfill its financial commitments on the maturity date.

Rating Methodology

PEFINDO’s rating methodology for CORPORATE sector or corporate entities that are not financial institutions (Non-Financial Institutions) in general, includes three major risk assessment, Industry Risk, Business Risk and Financial Risk. PEFINDO also applies the parent support methodology in assigning the rating. The parent support methodology will be applied for private companies while for companies owned by the central or regional government, PEFINDO will apply the Government Related Entities (GRE) rating methodology.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense -
Rating Methodology

Industry Risk Assessment
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Parent Support Analysis
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Credit Enhancement and Its Impact to Debt Instrument for external purpose
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Business Risk and Financial Risk Assessment
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Rating Rationale & Rating Summary

Rating Summary provides concise news reports on rating assignments and changes for companies and debt instruments rated by PEFINDO. Stay informed about the latest rating developments through our brief and informative summaries.

Rating Rationale, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive explanation of the underlying factors that drive the assigned ratings for companies and debt instruments. Gain valuable insights into the rationale behind the ratings assigned to better understand the creditworthiness of entities and debt issuers.

Both Rating Summary and Rating Rationale are designed to provide you with essential information and analysis in the world of credit ratings.